How to Pray Things Into Existence

How to Pray Things Into Existence


‘Faith goes to the future and brings it back into the now.’


Faith joins God and sees the end from the beginning. Isaiah 46:10.  This is back to front because in our natural life we start at the beginning and work towards the end.  Not so with God.  He sees the finished product and works back from there to where we are now. He reveals this process to us so that we too can pray things into existence, just like He does.


In Hebrews chapter 11  we see a list of saints who did just that.  They went to thing hoped for and brought it back by faith so that it could manifest in front of them.

In verse one we read: ‘Now faith is.’ Faith is like electricity, it is current but non-descript.  Hope gives faith a face.  Faith gives hope its substance.


When we pray we must be able to ‘SEE’ the answer, the finished product.  Then we can agree with God and set faith in motion to grab a hold of it on our behalf.

My wife and I have just sold our family home.  It took longer than expected but we exercised the principle outlined above.  We first prayed that our mind would be washed in the blood of Jesus through forgiveness and repentance of wrong thinking, and, then we reset our thought according to the scriptures.  This brought a washing of spiritual water to our minds in preparation to receive from the Lord the very thing we needed to see.  By the way, this is the process of personal holiness we all need to regularly attend to in order to remain as vessels of honour for the Lord to use and fill.


What did we see?  A contract of sale for our house with all the sections filled in, signed and settled.  Then against the circumstances and pressures, we held on to that picture and kept a confident, consistent confession of faith. It took 5 months and a couple came and made low offers until we agreed on a price together.  Then, oddly, they signed a contract with another house instead of with us.  The Lord had told us these were our buyers on more than three occasions.  But they signed up with others! We kept believing and calling that contract to manifestation, and three days later our agent rang to say that they had changed their minds.  They tore up the deal with the other house and signed with us. Praise the Lord.


Daniel the prophet had to go very quickly to the future when he was condemned to death for maintaining his prayer life against an evil manipulated law introduced to catch him out.  Anyway, in chapter 6 of his book, the king reluctantly agreed Daniel must be thrown to the lions. His testimony speaks for itself; ‘My God sent His angel and shut the lions’ mouths so that they have not hurt me, because I was found innocent in His sight.’ (Verse 22). He went to the future and brought forward a finished product that manifested when he needed it!


Finally, you have much in your future that has been planned by God.  Please read Ephesians 2:10 and discover that it is all there for you to do and enjoy.  However, you will need to see it first and agree with God and prepare yourself to go and get it by faith.


Remember that the just must live by faith.   Now go and pray your things into existence.




Ken Wigglesworth

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