Lookout, and see what God has for you

Ps Robyn Flegler

When we hear 2020 we automatically think of vision. In Hebrew 2020 means to see and mouth.

In 2020 we need to be exercising our spiritual gifts, gifts of prophecy, and seeing into the spirit realm.

Cultivate means to; till, plough, dig, turn, hoe, farm, work, prepare, fertilize, mulch

To farm a crop,  you need to cultivate and sow seeds, and harvest the crop.

In 2020 we should meditate on supernatural eyes to see, we have the power to see given to us by God.

We need to cultivate in our lives: hearing God's voice, learning His heavenly agenda, see, pray, declare, decree, speak out of our mouths His kingdom come.


God has a purpose and plan, look up Jeremiah 29:11 and learn it, meditate it, cultivate it into your innermost being. He says; He knows the plans he has for you, a future and a hope.


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