Love as Jesus Loves you

This week we had the pleasure at Spirit Life Christian Church of the visiting ministry from Ps Col Stringer of Col Stringer Ministries.

Ps Col talks today about the Love of God in today's world. It's all about relationship, the relationship we have with God. There are over 100 names for God in the Old and New Testaments but Jesus only ever called Him, Father! Jesus demonstrates His relationship with God by simply calling Him Father.

Do you find it difficult and hard to love everyone even the troublesome neighbour, the bully, that one person in your life that gets under your skin, the way Jesus says to love them? After all Galatians 5:22 says that Love is a fruit of the spirit. Have you experienced the unconditional love of God?

In John 13:34 Jesus gives us a new commandment, to Love one another as He loved us, and by doing this it says in verse 35, you will be known as one of His disciples.

You can't love someone else with the love of God, if you have never experienced the love of God yourself. You can't give something if you don't possess it yourself.

The love of God is unconditional, there is nothing you can do to make yourself worthy of God's love, but He will love you anyway. Because you love His Son.

An example of unconditional love is the way your pet dog greets you when you come home, all excited to see you, and you just can't help yourself but to love the dog back.

Ps Col Stringer has a new book out titled "From Stressed to Blessed" this book is for everyone experiencing stress, big or small, in these troublesome times.


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