Spiritual Growth - Fruitful Growth in the Faith


Spiritual Growth


Fruitful Growth in the Faith


Ps Stuart Price


This week Ps Stuart talked about Faiths Ladder of Virtue that can be found in 2 Peter 1:5-7, here you can find the 7 add-ons to your faith, that makes the perfect completeness.


What does Ps Stuart mean about add-ons? It's like buying a new car, the salesman will tell you the base price of the car and then tell you the price after all the add-on's, for instance, the floor mats, fabric protection, paint protection, headlight protectors, boot protectors. When you were born-again God gave you a Measure of Faith, and you add to that Faith, Virtue, Knowledge, Self Control, Steadfastness, Godliness, Brotherly Kindness and Love. By adding these 7 qualities to your Faith you will be growing in your Spiritual Growth.


Peter is writing to a group of people he wants to see grow as Christians and become effective as followers of Jesus. I too want this for you all. Peter tells his readers to add to their faith.


The Bible is such a rich book, it is God's handbook for you and I.


I ask you to read for yourself 2 Peter 4:11 and take special note of verses 8-11.



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