Stand Your Ground Pt 2. Defend Your Patch

This week Ps Stuart Price continues with his message about standing your ground. Ps Stuart takes us to 2 Samuel 23:11 & 12 where we are introduced to a man named Shammah. Shammah is known as one of Davids Mighty Men.

Stand your ground means to not retreat or lose ones ground, refuse to change your opinion or be pushed backwards.

People surrender and give up easily, especially believers.

2 Samuel 23 verses11 & 12 tells the story of a man named Shammah. He had, had enough of the enemy coming in and stealing the crop in his patch. Shammah stood and God stood with him.

Shammah was from the tribe of Harrarites they were mountain people tough and determined. This one day, Shammah heard the Philistines coming and in that moment he made up his mind that he wasn’t going to run away anymore, he decided he was going to defend the patch. One man in the middle of the field against the Philistines. God was there and stood with Shammah.

There are many fields in your life that needs defending, and you will need to make the toughest decision to defend them. God stood with Shammah when he decided to stand up to his enemy and not run anymore, He will do the same for you when you decided to Stand Your Ground and fight for your patch.

In Hebrew Shammah means, The Lord God Jehovah is present to deliver. Jesus’ Church is Shammah, you and I, every believer makes up the Church and we need to stand together confident in who we are and stand against the attacks for the devil, on our lives, our families, our workplaces or businesses, our communities, our countries.

In closing remember a promise from God to you, "No weapon formed against you shall prosper." (Isiah 54:17)


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