The Best Wine

The Best Wine

John 2:10

There are two questions I want to ask my readers as they consider this message.


  1. Has the Lord kept the best wine until last?
  2. Could the wedding at Cana be a picture of an end-time outpouring of the Holy Spirit?



This is the story of the wedding at Cana where Jesus began His ministry.  His mother, Mary had noticed that an embarrassing problem had occurred at the wedding.  They had run out of wine. She mentioned it to Jesus who wasn’t ready to release a miracle, but in order to honour her He brought forward His starting day!


Jesus instructed the servants to fill the waterpots with water and serve some to the master of ceremonies who exclaimed that this was the best wine brought out at the end rather than the beginning of the wedding.


This was a real event in the life of Jesus and not a parable He told.  It reveals a lot about His nature and the power of the Holy Spirit.  Wine here typifies the Holy Spirit (See Eph 5:18).  The sheer volume of water turned into wine (about 800 litres or 1000 bottles in today's bottle shops!) and it’s quality at the end of the wedding points to a time that we could be entering in the life of the global church.

It speaks of unlimited potential and supply in a strength fit for the task of the gospel in the season we are facing right now.


Remember: The anointing is always fit for the season and task given us.


We have spiritual Marys today who are like observant and obedient intercessors.  They know the problem and the answer.  There is a drought of God’s presence and worshippers and praying saints are calling on the Lord for fresh supply.  We have used up what we had and that anointing was good for that season, but what the church is facing now requires ‘The Best Wine’ kept especially for this outpouring.  We need more Marys to rise up.


We have the master of ceremonies and many guests who represent natural leaders and residents in the communities we live in.  They are the consumers of wine and the wedding is the place and occasion of the gospel.  Amazed at the quality and impact of the wine they know something good has been served to them.  This will draw many into the church. 


We have the servants who dispense the wine and the pots that are full of it.  Once Jesus has impacted the life of a believer they can no longer give water, natural human blessing, they can only give what they have…..the best wine from heaven!

Once converted the believer is forever changed and becomes a dispenser of heaven’s graces.  We are like the servants who prepared the pots for miraculous use.  We are those pots.  Heaven's treasure in earthen vessels. (2 Cor 4:7).


Finally, we have the disciples who were observing what Jesus was doing.  There is training in miracles that Jesus shows us how to perform on His behalf.


So, we should expect the very best the Holy Spirit can give us in a final outpouring of his presence to more than meet the needs we will face.  This will bring glory to God.


God bless


Ken Wigglesworth


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