The Big Question of All Times

The Big Question of All Times

This week Pastor Stuart looked at the greatest question of human life. What will you do with Jesus?

Matthew 27:22 "Pilate said to them, What then shall I do with Jesus, who is called Christ?" Pastor Stuart introduced us to a message Pastor D.L. Moody preached on the night of 8th October 1871.

Pastor D.L. Moody was an American Evangelist and lived from 1862 to 1899, and one of his famous quotes was "Faith makes all things possible, Love makes all things easy".

On the night of 8th October 1871 with many unsaved people attending the meeting, Pastor Moody said "I will give you one week to decide, what you will do with Jesus". As Ira Sankey was singing the closing song of the service, they all heard a commotion outside. This was the beginning of the great fire that destroyed Chicago. The Church was destroyed and Pastor Moody never saw those people again.

The fire burned for 2 days, 300 died, 100,000 were made homeless, 17500 buildings were destroyed, they were built with wood, joined with wooden walkways, their roofs were made from timber slats that were covered in tar. 180 fireman and 17 horse-drawn steam fire engines in attendance.

As for Pastor Moody, his house was destroyed and said he "only saved his reputation and his Bible". He became very ill with guilt and grief and said "I would rather have my right hand cut off than to give an Audience a week to decide what to do with Jesus". From then on he preached God's love, friendship, kindness and forgiveness.

Pastor Moody gave his congregation a week to think about and decide what they would do with Jesus, and many of them didn't get to see the end of the night. God is asking you the very same question today, what will you do with Jesus? How you answer this simple question will determine your destiny. Don't take a week, or say I'll think about it later.

Ps Stuart Price

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